On November 16, 2014 Legarrette Blount walked off the field before the game was over for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was the last straw, and by November 18 he was cut.

'Coincidentally' the New England Patriots had just lost Steven Ridley the week before leaving the New England Patriots with a only a practice squad RB on their roster (and Gray had yet to have his big day). Also 'coincidentally', the New England Patriots were the last team Blount had played for.

Is there anyone out there NAIEVE enough to not thing that there is a very strong potential for the Patriots to have reached out to the disgruntled Blount and tell him that if he managed to get cut from the Steelers he would have a guaranteed starting role waiting for him lining up behind Brady going into the playoffs?

Bilicheck has already had spygate. He has already pushed the rules by reporting 'ineligible' players as the approached the LOS instead of when they are supposed to...BEFORE the enter the huddle. Then there is the 'deflate gate'.

Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. Bilicheck is continually walking up to, and over the line of cheating. So why isn't anyone questioning this miraculously perfect coincidence?

I will say here and now...this is the most egregious act of tampering...and they are getting a pass.