Wanted to start bringing this discussion up here.

Here's rotoworlds list for the top FA's by position:



QB - Locker or Hoyer. Not really big on anyone else. Maybe Mallett but... eh...

RB - Meh. Pass. Some very good options, but we don't need to spend here. Possibly a cheap vet option but I couldn't tell you who that is right now.

FB - If they don't think Agnew is the answer, there's a good list of FA fullbacks this year.

WR - I have a tough time seeing the top WR's leaving their teams. Think we'll have to pick between Shorts, Crabtree and maybe Torrey Smith.

TE - Charles Clay interests me, but if the Broncos let Virgil Green hit the market, I'd like to go that route. Or Lance Kendricks. Or Rob Housler. Cheaper options that offer more blocking than Cameron.

OL - I don't really see any OT's in our wheelhouse, but there's a few interior options that might be possible. Seems like a position we'll draft someone at, really.

DL - Still a fan of adding Knighton or Dan Williams to play NT if they get away from their current teams.

OLB - Would like more depth here. I think Brooks Reed could be a nice option as a starter too. Offers versatility, which Pettine loves.

ILB - Want depth here as well, and they'd be either third or fourth in line depending on Kirksey, so I'm not going to stress about this spot right now.

DB - No worries.

K - Someone who doesn't fail, please.