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Thread: Eastern Conference Finals Cavaliers vs hawks

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmadworld View Post
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    This is what i was told back in the 8th grade. long long ago

    When going for the ball go to the floor. do not walk over stand over and bend down. because other players even your own team mates could be diving to the floor. if you are on your feet those players going to the floor could roll up on your legs.

    This is what happened to Korver. he went after the ball the wrong way. that simple. Delly just went about it the right way imo

    Coach Fatkid.. is this how you teach it ?

    Exactly as you said. "Hustle Drills" We drill for loose balls in practice for that type of scenario so that its instinct to dive on the floor. If my players do not get on the floor for a loose ball, they will hear me yell sub and will spend time picking splinters out of their butts. Props to Delly, nothing dirty or flagrant in that play, and it just goes to show you the size of his heart and how hard he plays.

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    Default I'm Tired

    I'm Tired of the pundits
    saying they can't beat the bulls with Rose playing.

    I'm Tired of the pundits
    saying they can't beat the hawks they play like the Spurs.

    I'm Tired of the pundits
    Now saying they beat a weak Eastern Conference.

    I'm Tired of the pundits
    saying they can't beat the Warriors they are too good.

    keep talking you heads
    Always remember sports are like women:
    High School all the girls play,
    NCAA only good looking girls play,
    Pro's only the Super Models play !

    the most important reading you might ever do.


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