This league despite it's success does lots of dumb stuff.

Thursday night games - players can't play at near 100% on 3 days rest. listen to them talk about it. and it's so easy to fix, give teams a bye week before Thursday night games. from what i understand it would take 2 more weeks. how great is that ? solves 2 problems.

WTF is a catch? heard players & ex players talk about both the old and new rule.. just confusing.

But this new rule on extra points... who's idea was that ? what coach wants his kicker with that on his back ? they work long hours to get a win on Sundays and it's the kicker please.
this is/was the plan ? even the numb media seen this coming.
can't wait till the seasons over and all the counting is done how many games out comes have changed because of this ignorance.

Cost us 1 game.