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Thread: Back to the clowns....

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    I missed this by Donovan...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OconRecon View Post
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    I missed this by Donovan...
    Never been impressed with Donovan. Although I became a fan due largely because of what the Cleveland fans did way back when, I must say that Haslam, the FO, coaches and players are not responsible for 17 years.

    Never mind what I think of Haslam, the FO, the coaches and the players, they are not responsible for 17 years of futility--only their own.

    If by starting Manziel the rest of the season the Browns organization have started the process of turning around, I am all in as a long time fan for the rest of my life. But, of course, at my age...
    "A pessimist is one who says: 'Things can't get worse.' And an optimist is one who says, 'Yes they can.'" Alan Dershowitz

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