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I did it on Sonar cakewalk through My PC..4 guitar tracks, one keyboard bass track.. And a drum track I did free hand on Keyboard because I didnt want to spend all day trying to program and quantize the drum parts.. So I just kept it simple... Did it all in Drop D tuning
I have enjoyed your playing Nick. I think you are very talented and I have a suggestion. Don't bite off my head for suggesting this, but it seems to me that a guy with your talent ought to make his way to Nashville and become a studio musician. You would, of course, have to learn the Nashville Number System (if you don't already know it), but I would guess that it would be easy for you. The NNS is used by the studio musicians in Nashville since it allows them to play in any key with just one written notation.

At least that is what I would do if I was a little younger and had your talent. Me? I can cord a little on a guitar and had some fun with it years ago when I was in the Navy. But after the Navy, my life took another turn. Anyway, I don't have much of an ear for music nor the dexterity to be good.

I had a grandfather was quite a musician, I'm told. He was the type who could pick up any instrument and play it well. His instrument of choice was the Mandolin, but he taught his eldest son to play the violin, his oldest daughter to play the organ, and is wife to cord the guitar. On summer nights, so the legend goes, they would sometimes go out on the porch to play their music, and neighboring farmers would drive up to their house in buggies to listen.

My mother also was very musical, but, unfortunately for me, I had a father who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket (as they say) and it appears that I inherited as much from my father as my mother. Fortunately, my father was creative in other ways. For example, he was very inventive and I apparently inherited that from him. So although I missed out on the musical talent, I was creative in another way and have been granted 21 American patents for original designs, some of which have been commercially successful. But I digress. Although it leaped over me, there remains musical talent in my family. I have a granddaughter who plays the clarinet in her high school band. What is significant about that you ask? She is in the seventh grade. She is very good. She wants to play the trumpet next year.