On the "need to know" QB thing, I'm really not making a value judgement because I don't think it's objectively right or wrong. It's a situational thing with some moving pieces.

- If Crow's right and the Browns "shock the world," it means whoever's playing QB is playing pretty damn well. If that's Kessler, Kizer doesn't see the field and might be future trade bait.

- If Kessler isn't great and the team isn't winning and Hue feels like Kizer is ready enough to play (perhaps in a "protected environment") there is 100% value to finding out what you have in Kizer before you go into the 2018 QB-heavy draft. No doubt.

He has elite physical upside (size, arm, athleticism) and he's a smart kid and seems devoted to learning. He has a chance to be great if indeed his so-so accuracy is a footwork issue.

Anyway... just to clarify (!).