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    Default Post Week 6 Thoughts

    Only 2 teams that truly matter:

    - Alabama beats A&M 27-19 and looked beatable for the first time this year. Hurts has improved as a passer some, but still can be made 1-dimensional by a good D...and A&M has a plus DC, but average personnel.

    - Clemson beats WF 28-14; was up 21-0 in the 3Q when starting QB Kelly Bryant left with an ankle injury; and up 28-0 when heavy substitutions started. WF scored 2 TD's on Clemson's back-ups to make the final look more respectable.

    Everybody else:

    - Michigan loses to Michigan State. As I'v said all year...nobody needed to worry about Michigan. They are terrible offensively. Harbaugh is the most overrated coach in CFB.

    - Oklahoma loses to unranked Iowa State...whom they were favored by 31 against. Mayfield chokes in typical Baker Mayfield fashion.

    - Penn State beat up another mediocre B1G school. Wake me up when they play Ohio State.

    - Ohio State beat up another bad B1G school. Wake me up when they play Penn State.

    - Georgia dominated another mediocre SEC school. Wake me up when they play Auburn.

    - Auburn beat up Ole Miss. Auburn looks like the 2nd best team in the SEC and has big games vs UGA and Alabama later this season.

    - Washington crushed a mediocre Cal team.

    - Washington St beat a plus Oregon team. Lookout, Leach may actually have a defense to go with that offense.

    - TCU beat a strong offense WVU team

    Some conference races are gaining clarity.

    Coastal - Winner of VT vs Miami game will represent the division.
    Atlantic - Winner of Clemson vs NCST will represent the division.

    Prediction: Clemson vs VT; winner Clemson.

    East (the worst P5 division in CFB) - UGA will win easily. Division sucks.
    West: The Iron bowl will decide the champ. Alabama vs Auburn

    Prediction: Alabama vs UGA: winner Alabama.

    East - 0SU vs PSU should decide; Michigan and MSU both suck.
    West - Wisconsin should easily win bad division.

    Prediction: 0SU vs Wisconsin; winner 0SU

    Big 12:
    TCU only undefeated team; OSU and Oklahoma still alive, and all 3 play each other. Might come down to a 3 way tie-breaker to decide who plays in title game.

    Prediction: TCU vs OSU; winner OSU

    Pac 12:
    North - Washington vs Wash State winner will represent North.
    South - SoCal

    Prediction: Washington vs SoCal; winner So Cal

    My Top 6 as of today:

    1. Clemson - SOR #1; Game control #2
    2. Bama - SOR #3; Game control #1
    3. Penn State - SOR #7; Game control #4
    4. Washington - SOR #10; Game control #8

    Outside looking in:
    5. Georgia - SOR #2; Game control #3
    6. Wash St - SOR #6; Game control #19

    ***Let's be honest, it doesn't even matter who is 3-6; Clemson & Alabama are on another level than everybody else in the country.

    My Post Week 6 CFB Projections:

    1 vs 4
    Clemson vs Washington

    2 vs 3
    Bama vs Penn State

    National Title Game:
    Clemson vs Alabama

    National Champion:

    Prediction for end actual of season per the CFP committee:

    1. Alabama 13-0 (SEC Champ)
    2. Clemson 13-0 (ACC Champ)
    3. Ohio State 12-1 (B1G Champ)
    4. So Cal 12-1 (Pac 12 Champ)

    Big 12 champ left out again.

    Sugar Bowl (CFP Game 1):
    Alabama vs So Cal

    Rose Bowl (CFP Game 2):
    Clemson vs Ohio State

    National Championship game:
    Alabama vs Clemson

    Winner: Clemson
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    Holy shit Clemson is bad.

    Favored by over 22 points?

    Against Syracuse?

    Nice fake punt Dabo.

    I can't stand it when a player whines to me or his teammates or his wife or the writers or anyone else.
    A whiner is almost always wrong. A winner never whines.
    - Paul Brown


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