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Thread: FISA; What a Disgrace

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    Default FISA; What a Disgrace

    Well it appears the Clinton machine has sunk to a new low. Everything the national left wing media has fed it's constituents, once again is "fake news". With a little help from a Yahoo reporter. And the sheeple ate it up and continue to do so......
    God Bless America

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    fucking president clinton
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    The Russians. The dreaded Russians conspired to affect our elections. So what do we learn from the memo? That Hillary Clinton paid 12 million dollars for dirt on Trump. That this dirt came from who? The Russians. Admittedly, from Russian government officials. So Russian government officials tell Hillary's paid for British spy, Christopher Steele, that the Trump campaign is "colluding" with other Russian government officials to get dirt on Hillary in order to affect the election? And then, the FBI used this dirt on Trump from Russian government officials to get a warrant to spy on an American in order to determine if the Trump campaign was trying to obtain dirt on Hillary from Russian government officials.

    It can't get more absurd.
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    It's treason. People should die. And it's the tip of the iceberg.

    I can't stand it when a player whines to me or his teammates or his wife or the writers or anyone else.
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    Default Just 5 years ago

    Adam Schiff
    On that Propaganda network...............being used. now on the other side of the fence. Why ? LOL
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