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Thread: Kevin Mack League - Week 6 Recap

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    Default Kevin Mack League - Week 6 Recap

    Sorry for the brief hiatus of the recap last week – but we are ready to go this week!!!

    Byes and injuries are starting to take their toll on our teams, be sure to check your roster early and make any adjustments with plenty of time before the games start!

    RAC ‘n ROLLS is this weeks high scorer and remains the only undefeated team in the league! With Aaron Rodgers, Fred Jackson, and Frank Gore leading the way with more than 50 points each for RAC ‘n ROLLS, the EVIL Dawg Pound had a tough outing. Team leaders for EVIL Dawg Pound were the San Francisco Defense, Darren McFadden, and Eli Manning. They fall to fifth place in the league with their second loss of the year.

    FINAL SCORE: RAC ‘n ROLLS 379.38 EVIL Dawg Pound 238.37

    Chainsaw Massaquoi took on Waiting for Noodles in a Divisional match up. Josh Freeman, Tom Brady, and Sean Lee pumped up the volume for Chainsaw Massaquoi who is now in second place in the league. Waiting for Noodles got solid contributions from Michael Turner, Jay Cutler, and Jordy Nelson but they continue their 4 game losing streak.

    FINAL SCORE: Chainsaw Massaquoi 297.03 Waiting for Noodles 270.15

    The gangbangers of the Cribbs and Bloods took on Believeland Browns’ holy rollers and came out with the second highest score of the week and third place in the league. Ahmad Bradshaw, Rashard Mendenhall, and Jimmy Graham ignited the Cribbs and Bloods. Ray Rice, Sam Bradford, and Hakeem Nicks were the top rollers for the Believeland Browns who have a 2 game losing streak and currently hold seventh place.

    FINAL SCORE: Cribbs and Bloods 358.35 Believeland Browns 267.81

    I Heart Freckles showed off his mad skillz in his win over Floridabrownsbacker. Drew Brees, LeSean McCoy, and Tony Romo showed they have lots of heart. I Heart Freckles is in fourth place this week. Floridabrownsbacker can thank Cam Newton, Michael Crabtree, and Desmond Bishop for their inspirational play. Floridabrownsbacker falls to 2-4 and eighth place.

    FINAL SCORE: I Heart Freckles 344.76 Floridabrownsbacker 214.57

    Those crazy JJ’s Palookas improved to a three game winning streak in their win over Jax Pumpkin Heads. Marques Colston, Steven Jackson, and Earnest Graham kept the Palookas dancin’. The New York Jets Defense, Joe Flacco, and Jeremy Maclin couldn’t get enough to carve out a win for Jax Pumpkin heads and they fall to eleventh place on a three game losing streak.

    FINAL SCORE: JJ’s Palookas 311.92 Jax Pumpkin Heads 261.20

    Whipped Cream is on a roll with two wins for this formerly winless team! Poor BernietheKid discovered he is lactose intolerant and fell to last place in the league. Devin Hester, the Chicago Defense, and Matt Ryan were the cream of the crop for Whipped Cream. Anquan Boldin, Andy Dalton, and Jonathan Stewart tried to help BernietheKid out of his slump but his losing streak goes to four games.

    FINAL SCORE: Whipped Cream 261.27 BernietheKid 220.86

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    1 RAC 'n ROLLS 6-0-0 1.000 4-0-0 2251.18 1677.55 W-6
    4 I Heart Freckles 4-2-0 .667 3-1-0 1995.78 1645.17 W-1
    5 EVIL Dawg Pound 4-2-0 .667 3-1-0 1950.47 1862.10 L-1
    8 Floridabrownsbacker 2-4-0 .333 0-4-0 1721.71 2085.67 L-1
    9 Whipped Cream 2-4-0 .333 1-3-0 1672.26 1883.31 W-2
    12 BernietheKid 1-5-0 .167 1-3-0 1590.12 1896.63 L-4
    2 Chainsaw Massaquoi 5-1-0 .833 4-0-0 2138.60 1892.93 W-2
    3 Cribbs and Bloods 4-2-0 .667 3-1-0 2094.53 1955.43 W-1
    6 JJ's Palookas 4-2-0 .667 2-2-0 1697.86 1635.15 W-3
    7 Believeland Browns 2-4-0 .333 1-3-0 1777.81 1983.29 L-2
    10 Waiting for Noodles 1-5-0 .167 1-3-0 1703.46 1756.80 L-4
    11 Jax Pumpkin Heads 1-5-0 .167 1-3-0 1628.78 1948.53 L-3

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    Great write up again gal, and glad you're feeling better. I used to have carpal tunnel something fierce in my construction days, and it is nothing to joke about.

    My run may be over this week, I am nailed with byes. However, an old theory of mine is that sometimes it is better to take an assbeat for a week and get the byes out of the way. The league has been fun so far and I hope others are enjoying it too, regardless of record. Next year everybody will have a better idea of how this crazy league works LOL.

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    Bravo girl.

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