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Thread: Kevin Mack League - Week 10 Recap

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    Default Kevin Mack League - Week 10 Recap

    What a week! High scores, big blowouts, and a down and dirty fight to the finish were the highlights of this week’s Kevin Mack Fantasy Football League!

    Cribbs and Bloods provided some extra color commentary for many of our matchups (see the comments on the fantasy page).

    First up, our highest score of the week award goes to I Heart Freckles (6-4) with 402.79 points! That should keep Jax Pumpkin Heads (3-7) in nightmares for the rest of the week. It’s okay, Jax, everyone needs a good scrimmage game once in awhile!

    Freckles top performers included Drew Brees, Tony Romo and Denarius Moore.

    Jax Pumpkin Heads gave bonuses to Ed Dickson, Joe Flacco, , and Philip Rivers (that pep talk is still pepping!)

    FINAL SCORE: I Heart Freckles 402.79 Jax Pumpkin Heads 253.91

    Wow! What a blowout! Cribbs and Bloods (8-2) continues to assert their dominance on the fantasy fields. This weeks’ fallen was BernietheKid (2-8). With a whopping 173.25 difference in points, we hope BernietheKid makes it back next week!

    Cribbs and Bloods got an excellent performance from DeMarco Murray. Carson Palmer, Jarred Allen and Rashard Mendenhall also shared in the massacre.

    With one of their QB’s benched (John Beck), BernietheKid had a challenging start. High scorers for Bernie were Donald Brown and Andy Dalton. Many of the remaining roster didn’t perform as expected.

    FINAL SCORE: Cribbs and Bloods 334.05 BernietheKid 160.80

    This was the Game of the Week! JJ’s Palookas (7-3) had a fight on their hands as Whipped Cream (5-5) had their sights set on a 6 win streak. This match was a nail biter to the very end.

    JJ’s Palookas got solid scores from Steven Jackson, March Sanchez, and Marques Colston.

    Whipped Cream is singing the praises of Michael Bush, Matt Ryan, and Clay Matthews.

    This one went down to the wire and ended with only 5.85 points to spare!

    FINAL SCORE JJ’s Palookas 321.84 Whipped Cream 315.99

    Chainsaw Massaquoi (8-2) is staying among the top teams in the league with a win over EVIL Dawg Pound (4-6).

    Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch, and Tom Brady were the scoring leaders for the Chain gang.

    Chris Johnson, the Green Bay Defense, and Eli Manning tried to keep EVIL Dawg Pound afloat but goose eggs from Alfonso Smith and Lance Kendricks probably sealed their fate.

    FINAL SCORE: Chainsaw Massaquoi 329.24 EVIL Dawg Pound 262.32

    RAC ‘n ROLLS (9-1) just keeps on rollin’. They’re still looking for gum. The Believeland Browns (2-8) probably wish they had given them some Bazooka Joe before the game.

    Aaron Rodgers, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Patrick Willis spit out their gum and concentrated on ass-kickin’.

    Ray Rice, Alex Smith, and Laurent Robinson were the top scorers for the Believeland Browns.

    FINAL SCORE: RAC ‘n ROLLS 295.04 Believeland Browns 213.92

    Now this game is what football is all about…kickin’ back on a Sunday afternoon and watching a good matchup on the tube. Floridabrownsbacker (4-6) and Waiting for Noodles (2-8) provided the perfect Sunday afternoon fair. And of course after all the carbs we munched…we all kinda fell asleep for most of the game.

    Larry Fitzgerald, Desmond Bishop, and Cam Newton tried to keep us all awake.

    Rob Gronkowski, Matt Schaub, and Michael Turner laid the foundation for Waiting for Noodles. Matt Schaub gave everything he had and is now OUT for the season!

    FINAL SCORE: Floridabrownsbacker 242.63 Waiting for Noodles 206.21

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    Default The standings

    1 RAC 'n ROLLS 9-1-0 .900 6-0-0 3450.98 2739.97 W-1
    5 I Heart Freckles 6-4-0 .600 4-2-0 3283.41 2761.02 W-1
    6 Whipped Cream 5-5-0 .500 3-3-0 2810.94 2952.87 L-1
    7 EVIL Dawg Pound 4-6-0 .400 3-3-0 2877.56 2940.69 L-5
    8 Floridabrownsbacker 4-6-0 .400 0-6-0 2764.80 3182.20 W-2
    12 BernietheKid 2-8-0 .200 2-4-0 2446.10 2992.58 L-3
    2 Cribbs and Bloods 8-2-0 .800 5-1-0 3430.53 2742.20 W-5
    3 Chainsaw Massaquoi 8-2-0 .800 5-1-0 3399.91 3063.34 W-2
    4 JJ's Palookas 7-3-0 .700 3-3-0 2969.23 2818.01 W-3
    9 Jax Pumpkin Heads 3-7-0 .300 2-4-0 2616.94 3239.64 L-1
    10 Believeland Browns 2-8-0 .200 1-5-0 2671.68 3015.68 L-6
    11 Waiting for Noodles 2-8-0 .200 2-4-0 2473.79 2747.67 L-3

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    We need to get you a second job doing this!!!!

    Tough loss for you this week and I plan to stay gumless

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