Another close game for me this week! UGH! Lost by one point, and it came down to MNF again. My QB vs. his TE ...and my QB was throwing to his TE! Gonzales beat Matt Ryan ...makes no sense!!!!

Weed-n-Weep Grinds Out Win Against BrownOut

  • Weed-n-Weep (2-0) 138

  • BrownOut (1-1) 137

Weed-n-Weep got 39 points from Victor Cruz, slipping by BrownOut 138 - 137. This was anybody's to win, with the 1-point margin of victory being the smallest recorded in the league this season. BrownOut was led by Vincent Jackson with 28 points and the Green Bay Packers Defense who scored 26. Weed-n-Weep (2-0, 303 points) remains in first place while BrownOut (1-1, 280 points) stays in fourth place.

Evil Brownies Brings Down 1st and goal

  • Evil Brownies (1-1) 170

  • 1st and goal (1-1) 125

Evil Brownies registered the highest point total this season to get the win over 1st and goal 170 - 125. Evil Brownies put out their best effort and put up 38.8% more than their projected 122.46 points, while 1st and goal fell just short of hitting their projections and got 96.6% of a projected 129.37. 1st and goal was led by C.J. Spiller with 36 points and Tom Brady who scored 21. To make matters worse, 1st and goal had a starter score zero points (Aaron Hernandez). Evil Brownies (1-1, 312 points) moves into third place while 1st and goal (1-1, 267 points) stays in fifth place.

JJ's Palooka's 2 Pulls Off Upset Against SmokingWeeden

  • JJ's Palooka's 2 (1-1) 120

  • SmokingWeeden (0-2) 113

JJ's Palooka's 2 got the second-highest score this week from Hakeem Nicks (40) to beat SmokingWeeden 120 - 113. JJ's Palooka's 2 came into the matchup as the underdog, with a projected spread of 12. JJ's Palooka's 2 beat expectations and put up 12.0% more points than projected (107.15). SmokingWeeden scored 94.5% of a projected 119.56 points. Willis McGahee led SmokingWeeden with 31 points while Cam Newton racked up 27. JJ's Palooka's 2 (1-1, 212 points) shifts into 10th place and SmokingWeeden (0-2, 212 points) winds up in 11th place.

DawgFartz Shocks and Destroys Da Comets, Makes Early-Season Statement

  • DawgFartz (2-0) 151

  • Da Comets (1-1) 97

DawgFartz registered the second-highest score this week to shred Da Comets 151 - 97. DawgFartz came into the matchup as the underdog, with a projected spread of 12. It was a blockbuster of a beatdown, and the 54-point margin of victory was the third-highest recorded in the league this season. Da Comets was done in by a substantial drop in scoring from last week's 159 - 94 win against Mudskippers. DawgFartz (2-0, 256 points) shifts into second place and Da Comets (1-1, 256 points) goes to seventh place.

Who Is Pat Shurmur Beats Mudskippers

  • Who Is Pat Shurmur (1-1) 124

  • Mudskippers (0-2) 88

Mudskippers found it difficult to put points on the board and fell to Who Is Pat Shurmur 124 - 88. Who Is Pat Shurmur beat their projections and scored 10.8% more points than projected (111.95). Mudskippers scored only 78.1% of a projected 112.72 points. Mudskippers was led by A.J. Green with 18 points and DeAngelo Williams who scored 12. Who Is Pat Shurmur (1-1, 257 points) shifts into sixth place while Mudskippers (0-2, 182 points) winds up in last place.

Maturbin Isdurte Picks Up Win Against Penetration State

  • Maturbin Isdurte (1-1) 117

  • Penetration State (1-1) 110

Maturbin Isdurte got two top-10 player scores from Robert Griffin III (32 points) and Arian Foster (31) to get the win over Penetration State 117 - 110. While each team failed to meet expectations, Maturbin Isdurte scored 90.8% of a projected 128.86 points to get the win. Penetration State was led by Roddy White with 29 points and Rob Gronkowski who scored 19. Penetration State (1-1, 255 points) goes to eighth place and Maturbin Isdurte (1-1, 239 points) remains in ninth place.