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2014 pickem

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2014 pickem


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good to see 16 people this year, guess that thread helped in the main section. EE perhaps you should post a weekly reminder thread in the main section so people don't drop off again after missing a week or two.
Enigmatic Evil

Enigmatic Evil

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I think EE may have given the wrong link there. Try this: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/pickem then just click join a group and enter the info EE listed.

Group ID#: 26539
Group Password manzielots

Thank you for correcting this. I fucking hate Yahoo! Fantasy Sports because they use 2 different URL's for the same shit, back in the day you could just copy a link to join the pickem, now you gotta go through a fucking labyrinth.


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Damn dude! I picked a ton of games correctly and its saying I was incorrect! ! I clearly picked the winners of certain games and it says I was wrong!

We aren't picking to cover spreads are we? I thought this was just win/loss?
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