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2015 Fantasy Football

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2015 Fantasy Football


3-0 :)

want to just send the trophy to me now?


Enigmatic Evil

Enigmatic Evil

Mr. Censor
No apologies necessary EE. I was just expressing my feels. It's not like we're playing for money (which is good considering the scoring change mid-season).

When I used to run leagues, I always liked to make sure the QB position had decent influence. Considering how pivotal they are in actual NFL Games, it would be unlikely for Julio Jones to score (20+) more points than Matt Ryan in my leagues, bolstering PPR and giving decent bonuses for escalated yardage for all positions, with a little more emphasis on running back where they pretty much are getting it done by themselves, on rushing plays.

If the QB can't get credit for creating a first down with a well-timed, accurate pass, or for finding the guy beyond the first down marker, it shouldn't matter if the receiver gets one, just my opinion.

I would not suggest/approve any further changes to this year's rules and/or scoring. I would like to work with you next year to help balance that out. Let's not do any more changes. I know I said I might bail on it, and I appreciate your consideration, I was merely expressing my concern of the format watching it actually play out for the past 3 weeks.

I'd like that. A more logical approach, with keeping the zaniness that's been a staple of the league is my goal. Certain people who got butthurt amd quit the forun after I worked hard to find a middle ground almost sucked the fun out. I think I've learned a lot this year though :p lol


grumpy bastard
Before this week, there have been 2 teams that have scored 200+ points - Weekend at Bernie S (1) and Eat Crow (2). (I was the recipent of Weekend at Bernie S and now and I am the recipient once again.

I jointed the 200+ club this weekend as I scored 207 points ........... and lost to JJ's Palooka's 2, who scored 217. That is just how my season has gone. LOL SMH.
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