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2015 Fantasy Football

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2015 Fantasy Football


grumpy bastard
We may want to make some adjustments next year to scoring - maybe add .25 points or something. I had 3 ties this year, including last weeks 130-130 playoff game. 9 teams had ties this season, for a total of 7 games that ended in ties. I like the scoring because it is so different than my other leagues, and while I didn't do well I can adjust. But if possible we may want to try and reduce those ties.
Enigmatic Evil

Enigmatic Evil

Mr. Censor
I am down with fractional points to kill ties.

We will all take greater initiative to carve out something a bit more logical at the very least. I aim for a unique experience and we more or less delivered this year. With the crazy points it's kind of surprising there was so many ties.

The Browns next QB

Dawg Pound
Thanks bro. I've had a great run and hoping for the best this week. Collaromo has been on absolute fire.

Might come up for Barrett Jackson next month btw.

Defiantly something to see, they always have a great selection of awesome cars. Would recommend checking out the Phoenix Open which is coming up too. You won't find a drunker, rowdier golf crowd. 16th is insane.


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So...I have to mention how shitty both of our teams are playing the championship. I resigned myself to ignoring the low scores we're putting up and happy with the closeness of the contest. It all comes down to tonight. I'm excited and comfortable with the fact the worst I can do is 2nd place, but - Fucking rapelisburger.

Good luck to us both.
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