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2016 BH Pick Em

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2016 BH Pick Em


grumpy bastard
Didn't see a thread started for this Pick Em league. All I can say is this is a pretty competitive league so far. I know you may look and see you're 10-12 picks behind but trust me that is not indicative of what usually happens to finish the season.

I have always been behind the leaders by 8-10-12 picks this early in the season and I just stick with it and by years end I am right there battling for 1st.

Good season so far, fellas.

Enigmatic Evil

Mr. Censor
I think it got lost in the abyss, because I had it in the main forum. Good on you for starting a new one Vegas.

I was in second last a few weeks ago but now I'm right with the pack again. Another good week and I might be in the hunt for the lead but I won't get ahead of myself.
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