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Just nickers doing his usual parrot routine, pay him no mind.

What I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday was Greg Gabriel checking fake wannabe scout Ben AllBright on twitter. Ben claimed "everyone" is saying it's Darnold, Mayfield, and then everyone else with Rosen sliding. Gabriel basically told him he was full of shit.

Gabriel and Riddick both love them some Rosen. I am thinking the Browns do too ...impossible for a real scout not to.

I still feel like the Browns are going to be the first team in NFL history to draft a slow, 6ft, system QB @ 1 however, because Browns.

What a pathetic sack of shit you are bro. You are still a hater, still wrong, and still getting owned by QCT and anyone who has a speck of football acumen + the balls to put you in your fake NFL expert place. I'd say I'm surprised, but lol, not at all. What a loser.

Rosen: Picked 4th, after Josh Allen, LOL!!!!

Mike Hoag ...the nobody. Trying to make a career out of being a Browns expert who lives in Cali and doesn't know a soul. I feel for you brah. I really poured a lot of salt in your vagina, I get it.

My record is pretty untouchable. Good luck poking holes in it. Even with me taking on contrarian positions, it's way up there.

Best wishes on your venture. Hopefully you can get me off your mind long enough to make something of yourself, I'm pulling for you.
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