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Barking Hard 3rd annual fantasy football league.

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Barking Hard 3rd annual fantasy football league.


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Draft day is Sunday, September 2nd - 9:30pm est. Hopefully that works out for everyone!

Here's is our FF home:

Those interested just need to shoot TheBestPlayersPlay a PM or an email with the e-mail address you want to use for the league, and say hello in this thread. Please only sign up if you will be active each week. Thank you!

Solon16 said:
We need to get a ff date for draft...the closer to season start the better which means we need to start now to get a good spot!
I haven't ever been the commish b4 but I am in for FF!
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Thanks Gabe for the plug! :)

I'll play again.

Flugs will probably do another one, even if he's not "here". And Riff did the other one.

I've never been commish and don't think I'll have the time but I definitely want an invite.


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Ha, that's laughable..... You should know more than anyone here that I agree with 1% of anything anyone says. I would like certain people back because it was fun to debate with them. What do you call this place now?

Don't want to turn this into a bitchfest or anything like that but damn.....

Ok, back to not posting and watching this "football talk"

What do you want to debate about? You a McCoy fan?


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You're a joke Gabe.... That is all!
Yet here you are responding to what? Really Ramrod, most people learn to lay down the sword and move forward. I have searched the other 5-6 Browns forums and this one is top of the list. The best thing? It isn't too big with too many members.

Some got chased away? So what? I was one of them. They need to come back for the same reasons I came back - this is the best fucking Browns forum - period.

We all melted down for a few months there. Suck it up dude, we all took it on the chin.
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