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Cavs and the 2020 Draft

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Cavs and the 2020 Draft


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Oh well these guys are not very good. 0-7 lately. they can't make 3s so ............ some games they don't even try to put them up.
they will never get better not shooting them. looking over their 18 loses most are not even close. over these last 7 games no D giving up 125 points ain't getting it done.

Can't watch much more of this.


Wonder how much the lack of deep shooting is on Bickerstaff. His Grizz teams ranked 23rd & 25th in 3pt attempts per game, now last in the league with the Cavs.

Both Sexton and Garland's 3pt attempt rates have declined under Bickerstaff; conversely, Jaren Jackson Jr.'s 3PAr more than doubled post-JB.

Sure seems like the young guys treat the outcome of each three as a referendum on whether to take more, a logic that's never applied to all the clanky floaters (or big man emeritus Andre Drummond's "is he doing a bit?" post-ups).

Perhaps not the ideal incubator sitch for the young guys, especially Okoro (17% from deep so far in Feb). But maybe, like in Memphis, it'll set the team up to draft a true franchise guy.


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Basically my measuring stick is the Pacers we should be as good as them .500 or better most years.
this century they have only had only 1 season more than 10 games under .500. 1 season under .500 the past 10 years.
get with it Cav's


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That's 2 in a row. glad they listened and started shooting 3's hitting 16-36 got this win. that and out rebounding them 55-33.
12-21 sucks yet they only need 11 more wins to get 23 wins with 39 games to go. still feeling good about that
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