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Could Eli Jenkins Be A Prospect?

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Could Eli Jenkins Be A Prospect?


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I do not know much about Prospects but I came across Eli Jenkins from JSU.

Just watching his highlights he seemed as good as any of the other QBs I watched.

Is he really a prospect or will he not even make the Draft? I ask because I honestly have no idea.


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I dunno, I think there's a bit too many plays of him running with the ball for my liking. I'd have to watch more, a lot more. He seems comfortable throwing on the run, he made some decent throws with strength in the intermediate and short distances. I've never even heard of the school he plays for though. I don't know if Wentz is going to start a trend of (what I assume is DII?) small school QB's being sought after. That one video didn't do much to showcase what kind of arm he has. He made a lot of red-zone plays. I think the longest pass in the whole video was the one at the end, which wasn't very far and he over-threw his receiver (who made a nice catch jumping and catching in coverage).

Not a guy to think about taking high... I'd need to see more to really say and I know jack shit about this kind of stuff ;)
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