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Deshaun Wat the fu&k?

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Deshaun Wat the fu&k?

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It has to be talked about,NOW they will trade him.maybe he knew this was coming and opted to "leave town"? would make sense.
why dont the jets now make a move, offer the 1st,2nd,3rd 2021 picks darnold and OT becton. now thats a great deal.
you wont get a better chance at a "qb recovery" than that with darnold/wilson as the texans new QB's for the new management
I bet his agents on the phone right now



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Allegations and civil lawsuit by a known sketchy attorney. I am going to wait to see how that all plays out.

That aside this does zero to speed up a trade. It also will reduce his trade value. No team is going to give up a bunch of premium assets for a player who could be facing suspecion and who knows what else if the allegations are true.

HOU like SEA with Wilson ain't trading anyway, at least at this point. The dead cap hit either of those teams would take by trading either player now is massive. HOU would have a dead cap hit of 21M. That's against a 182M salary cap budget. Now come after June 1 moving Watson would only be a 5M cap hit. Things may change then.

This thing could also be an opportunity for HOU to repair bridges. If they were to privately and publicly support Watson, and Watson is gets out of this clean, pretty sure that would be some brownie points. It would be a big risk by HOU if Watson were to not get out clean. Watson and his agent would know and understand that risk if HOU did it.

If you are HOU and you think there could be truth to this, and Watson did it you likely have ways out of all kinds of money, and maybe even getting money back from Watson.
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