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DJ Boyer's UPDATED mock...

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DJ Boyer's UPDATED mock...

Uncle Barrels

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Not sure when it was updated, but must be recent enough to have Ray sliding... Here we go:

Pick 12: Danny SHELTON - DT, 6'2 340, Washington.
Pick 19: Shane RAY - OLB, 6'3 245, Missouri.
Pick 43: Dorial GREEN-BECKHAM - WR, 6'5 235, Oklahoma.
Pick 77: Cody PREWITT - S, 6'2 210, Mississippi.
Pick 111: Kwon ALEXANDER - OLB, 6'1 230, LSU.
Pick 115: Henry ANDERSON - DE, 6'6 285, Stanford.
Pick 147: Jalston FOWLER - FB, 5'11 265, Alabama.
Pick 189: C.J UZOMAH - TE, 6'5 265, Auburn.
Pick 202: David COBB - RB, 5'11 230, Minnesota.
Pick 229: Kaleb EULLS - DT, 6'4 295, Mississippi St.


The first three are pretty solid picks - character notwithstanding - but it falls away a bit IMO.
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Lou Groza

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That's a very good looking draft.
Even from #77 down: despite you fellas not knowing much about those names, they are decent-to-good values at those spots.

This guy (predicting this mock) did his full homework on the Browns... all the spots he hits are areas Farmer is looking at for these picks, and many are guys Ray & staff is believed to be high on via insiders.

We're looking to take a Safety in 3rd/4th/5th Round, it seems.
From the footage I watched on DE Anderson, he beats his man and fights thru traffic like a champ, he just sucked at finishing on the QB.
Fowler, the FB, is one of the VERY FEW available... and the best by far.
RB Cobb....he's rugged, productive & many smart football men like him a ton & think has a career in NFL.

Lou Groza

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Alexander is a solid backup & that's what you expect in Round 4. Solid pick.
Uzomah is a TE prospect with some upside. A project, but that's what you go for Round 5/6: projects w/ upside.
DT Eulls is a good run-stopper for a 7th Rounder! A very decent chance to make the team, which makes a good pick in the 7th.

The top part of the mock is outstanding.
3 top 15 TALENTS with picks 12, 19, & 43.
Ray and DGB come with past and minor current baggage. Get them in & BACK TO PLAYIN' FOOTBALL! They're SERIOUS players & compared to most alternatives, are excellent picks at 19 & 43.

That's my take. I'd be pretty happy with these picks. I think 4-5 of these guys probably go before the slot they're drafted in this mock... DGB, Anderson, Cobb, Eulls....
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