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Fantasy football 2013-14

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Fantasy football 2013-14

Enigmatic Evil

Mr. Censor
The draft is tomorrow gentlemen. 9:00 PM central time (my time zone... The league page displays a different time than yahoo's app)

Ill do my best to post weekly write up's and of course smack talk is encouraged!

Who will be able to make it to the draft tomorrow?
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Enigmatic Evil

Enigmatic Evil

Mr. Censor
It is time for Week One!
Lets look at the match-up's! And also sorry that I don't name name's, outside of the Forum and our avatar's I don't really know who we are :) (Other than the obvious ones)

AndMingoWasHisNameO (0-0-0) vs JJ's Palooka's 2 (0-0-0)
Projected Stand Out's for AndMingoWasHisNameO: Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and Danny Amendola
Projected Stand Out's for JJ's Palooka's 2: Drew Brees, Roddy White, Arian Foster
X Factors: The Quarterbacks with what's projected to be a close match, even with Brees expected to double Romo's fantasy output this week it could likely come down to them.

Projected Final: 127-124 for AndMingoWasHisNameO

BrownOut (0-0-0) vs Da Comets (0-0-0)
Projected Stand Out's for BrownOut: Colin Kaepernick, Doug Martin and Julio Jones
Projected Stand Out's for Da Comets: Matt Ryan, Brandon Marshall and Ray Rice
X Factors: I think that BrownOut's clear weakness at RB could cost him this week, and many weeks throughout the season unless Ben Tate is expected to make a big step in Houston's offense...For Da Comets it's going to be watching that NO/ATL game and hoping Matt Ryan AND Darren Sproles have big games.

Projected Final: 120-128 for Da Comets

Evil Brownies (0-0-0-) vs Zabok Windfuckers (0-0-0)
Projected Stand Out's for Evil Brownies: Russell Wilson, Adrian Peterson, Demaryius Thomas
Projected Stand Out's for Zabok Windfuckers: Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green
X-Factors: There is a ton of fire power between these two teams, I wouldn't be surprised to see this as one of the highest scoring games of the week. I look again to the QB's as victory or defeat will likely fall down to their production unless one of the projected stand-out players has a monster game in excess of their projected statistic production...

Projected Final: 116-123 for Zabok Windfuckers

1st and FLASH (0-0-0) vs Hardly Barking (0-0-0)
Projected Stand Out's for 1st and FLASH: Michael Vick, Maurice Jones-Drew, Trent Richardson
Projected Stand Out's for Hardly Barking: Aaron Rogers, Steven Jackson, DeMarco Murray
X-Factors: For what's projected to be such a close game I believe it will be the wide recievers who will play the pivotal role for deciding this game. Whichever team's WR's (Vincent Jackson/Wes Welker or Dwayne Bowe/DeSean Jackson) make the fantasy mark loudly this week will likely lead their team to victory as well...

Projected Final: 122-117 for 1st and FLASH

Masturbin Isdurte (0-0-0) vs SmokingWeeden (0-0-0)
Projected Stand Out's for Masturbin Isdurte: Matthew Stafford, LeSean McCoy, Larry Fitzgerald
Projected Stand Out's for SmokingWeeden: Cam Newton, Jamaal Charles, Jimmy Graham
X Factors: Rookie Running backs could make or break this week for either team. Montee Ball or Eddie Lacy could lead their fantasy teams to victory this week by making their presence known in their first ever NFL regular season game. Lacy is currently set to earn a few more points this week but if Montee Ball asserts himself in Denvers RB committee he could earn his team a win as well...

Projected Final: 119-125 for SmokingWeeden

Crow's Thugs (0-0-0) vs Smelly Turd Canoes (0-0-0)
Projected Stand Out's for Crow's Thugs: Tom Brady, C.J. Spiller, Houston DEF
Projected Stand Out's for Smelly Turd Canoes: RGIII, Matt Forte, Reggie Wayne
X-Factors: This is a game my eye gravitates to the WR/RB position. DeAngelo Williams vs Mike Wallace, I think if either of these guys can come up big this week it will seal the deal for their respective teams. The reason I chose Houston's D over Randall Cobb is I think San Diego will shit the bed and I'll take Yahoo up on suggesting Houston's D will score as many points as Cobb this week... so there's another X-Factor as well with the Canoe's Cincinnati defense having to deal with Chicago, I think between those two positions the game will be decided.

Projected Final: 126-119 for Crow's Thugs

We will be back early next week to see how things played out and to set the stage for next week's match-up's!
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