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Fantasy Football Keeper League help

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Fantasy Football Keeper League help


grumpy bastard
I have 5 people I think are worth keeping, and I can only keep 4:

Aaron Rodgers
LeSean McCoy
Doug Martin

The two I am struggling over are:

Rob Gronkowski
Randall Cobb

I know Gronk is a ??? but he did damn good even missing the last part of the season (I lost the Super Bowl without him!!)

And Cobb is the returning leader in REC and Yards for the Packers.

What would you do?


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Cobb all the way..they let Jennings go to the Vikings which means more balls coming Cobbs' way... .. I love Gronk, but with multiple back surgeries you have to go with the guy who is healthy in high powered offense.. No brainer IMO


grumpy bastard
Yeah that is where I am leaning. Gronk is really tough to give up and who knows I may peel back and get him back. But TE's can be a luxury. I need so help @ WR anyway since Cobb isn't carrying the unit.

So that's it. Rodgers-Martin-McCoy-Cobb.

Thanks guys.
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