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Fantasy Football week 1 recap.

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Fantasy Football week 1 recap.

I'm not going to go all Tom Flugel on this, so I'll just be posting the weekly recaps as you can find on Yahoo itself. I don't know if they did this last year or not, if so I didn't realize ...they are great!

I won by 1 point this week when I thought I was dead in the water, bailed out by a KICKER with 18 POINTS during MNF! Unreal.

BrownOut Narrowly Beats Evil Brownies

  • BrownOut (1-0) 143

  • Evil Brownies (0-1) 142
BrownOut benefited from the highest score of the week from Matt Ryan (37) to steal one from Evil Brownies 143 - 142. While both sides put out their best effort, BrownOut scored 24.2% more points than projected (115.13) to pick up the win. The Baltimore Ravens Defense led Evil Brownies with 22 points while Steve Smith brought in 22. BrownOut (1-0) starts the season in fourth place while Evil Brownies (0-1) opens in seventh place.

Weed-n-Weep Squashes JJ's Palooka's 2, Establishes Early-Season Dominance

  • Weed-n-Weep (1-0) 165

  • JJ's Palooka's 2 (0-1) 92
Weed-n-Weep dismantled JJ's Palooka's 2 165 - 92 while also putting up the highest point total this week. Weed-n-Weep piled up 41.9% more points than projected (116.26) while JJ's Palooka's 2 fell short of expectations and scored only 81.8% of their projected 112.45 points. Drew Brees led JJ's Palooka's 2 with 32 points while BenJarvus Green-Ellis brought in 16. Weed-n-Weep (1-0) starts the season in first place while JJ's Palooka's 2 (0-1) opens in the cellar.

DawgFartz Gets Late Win Against SmokingWeeden

  • DawgFartz (1-0) 105

  • SmokingWeeden (0-1) 99
DawgFartz benefited from 24 points from Darren McFadden and 17 from the Chicago Bears Defense to defeat SmokingWeeden 105 - 99. DawgFartz came into the Monday night game facing a 33-point deficit, but scored 39 for the comeback. DawgFartz hit their projections and scored 0.3% more points than projected (104.67). SmokingWeeden got 92.7% of a projected 106.77 points. SmokingWeeden was led by Brandon Marshall with 31 points and Cam Newton who scored 19. DawgFartz (1-0) kicks off the campaign in sixth place while SmokingWeeden (0-1) opens in 10th place.

Da Comets Lights Up Mudskippers, Establishes Early-Season Dominance

  • Da Comets (1-0) 159

  • Mudskippers (0-1) 94
Da Comets put up the second-highest point total in the league this week to put a drubbing on Mudskippers 159 - 94. Da Comets piled up 45.3% more points than projected (109.42) while Mudskippers fell just short of hitting their projections and got 96.4% of their projected 97.46 points. Mudskippers was led by Peyton Manning with 24 points and the New England Patriots Defense who scored 18. Da Comets kicks off the season with a 1-0 record, good enough for second place. Mudskippers begins at 0-1 and in 11th place.

Penetration State Gets Victory over Who Is Pat Shurmur

  • Penetration State (1-0) 145

  • Who Is Pat Shurmur (0-1) 133
Penetration State got the third-highest player score this week from Tony Romo (34) to beat Who Is Pat Shurmur 145 - 133. While each team hit their projections, Penetration State scored 11.2% more than a projected 130.37 points to get the win. Julio Jones led Who Is Pat Shurmur with 33 points while Ray Rice brought in 23. Penetration State kicks off the season with a 1-0 record, good enough for third place. Who Is Pat Shurmur begins at 0-1 and in eighth place.

1st and goal Wins Against Maturbin Isdurte

  • 1st and goal (1-0) 142

  • Maturbin Isdurte (0-1) 122
Andre Johnson put up 30 points, an upgrade on his projected 12.49, as 1st and goal got past Maturbin Isdurte 142 - 122. Each team hit their projections but 1st and goal scored 25.1% more than a projected 113.48 points to get the win. Robert Griffin III led Maturbin Isdurte with 33 points while Arian Foster racked up 20. 1st and goal kicks off the campaign with a 1-0 record, good enough for fifth place. Maturbin Isdurte debuts at 0-1 and in ninth place.
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