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Browns Hell's Elves - the 2023 Jim Schwartz defense

I still don't know who created this art work years ago.
But, I'm sure Santa wouldn't hire this elf.
Jim Schwartz probably would though.
This should probably be on the cold weather sideline coats that the Browns wear on game days.
Will Ferrell Elf GIF by filmeditor
Then "Hell's Elves" just won't fit. Especially if the players won't buy it.
It's not like it matters.
The elf thing is primarily for the fans who other wise wouldn't have a logo for their gameday gear.
I already can't wait for all the advanced stat tweets about the Browns' defense that Ocon will share this week. Honestly what's taking the analysts so long. Feel like I'm fiending
And this is one of the reasons I am not ready to crown Stefanski. I would take Schwartz over Stefanski any day of the week. But we are going to let him walk? At best a 2 win team without Schwartz.

Hopefully it's not a bridge we have to cross.
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