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Browns Joe Flacco - signed

I think the only available QB # is 15. Easy to picture for some reason.

He's totally different than Mond, Watson, PJ, and DTR ... meaning he's old and immobile.

BUT, he's likely competent and can game manage.
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With this defense and offense we can small-ball 4-4 the remaining schedule with any qb.
Our remaining schedule is soft.
It's not said Flacco is still even better than other street free agents.
I would rather try 5 other younger guys and see if there's a good guy in there and go 10-7 than go with a 38 year old Flacco and maybe go 11-6.
My son said to me just before the onside kick "well, let's just go (after Flacco burned us up the right sideline for a TD", and I said to wait to make sure we got the onside kick recovered. Welp lol.
My guess is they aren't bringing anyone in to start. They want a vet, such as Flacco to be in that QB room and on the sidelines to help DTR and PJ. Flacco leaving could be he wanted to start, he didn't seem to be a good fit, worked him out and he was terrible. And many other possibilities
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