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Matt Barkley falling down draft boards.... is stupid....

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Matt Barkley falling down draft boards.... is stupid....


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Not sure if this will surprise you... but I totally agree. Some really good reasons for it, too. I remember Walsh talking about really dominant teams who can overpower at the line of scrimmage and run all over teams, and how good that can make a QB look.

Texas is a great example. Walsh pointed out that they tend to have "two reads and run," and the second read is a TE standing wide open somewhere.

So beware the 'Bama QB. He could be great (and I really like McCarron)... but he'll never have it so easy again the rest of his life.

The difference in this case is that Barkley DID have to carry his team. They sucked at everything else so bad and weren't overpowering on either line (understatement). But Barkley doesn't have elite physical talent and that carries a certain Sanchez/Quinn stigma.

It's getting harder and harder to get away with an "average" arm. Game's too fast.


Yeah, all this makes sense.

Now, as to the coaching. I do remember Urban Meyer saying that he thought a lot of NFL teams would be better offer hiring a local high school coach instead of an NFL retard ... I mean, RETREAD.
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