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Need advice on Wide Recievers for week 4

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Need advice on Wide Recievers for week 4


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I'm in an 8 team, non PPR league. So on my roster I have:

Steve Smith (Carolina)
Vincent Jackson
Roddy White
Dwayne Bowe
Nate Washington
Danny Amendola

I can start three of them. I have no idea who to choose this time... need some opinions.

Steve Smith: Usually puts up decent numbers but Newton has struggled and the Falcon's D is good.
Vincent Jackson: Has had 2 miserable weeks and one amazing one, but Washington's D has given up massive fantasy points to WRs so far this season. I don't like freeman but this week has big potential.
Roddy White: Seems to be the safest bet, considering Carolina's D
Dwayne Bowe: Caught FOUR TDs against San Diego 2 weeks ago, but not consistent.
Nate Washington: Leads the NFL in yards per reception, caught 6 TDs so far, but it's a bad matchup with Texan CBs.
Danny Amendola: Had 1 great week, 2 okay ones. Not a good matchup against Seahawks IMO

Who should I go with? I was thinking my first three (Smith, White, Jackson) is the safest bet, but Bowe is tempting, and Smith, while consistent, never seems to do more than around 8-10 points.
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