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Browns New dawg logo - REVEALED


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(Updated thread title, June 12th)

Enter your artwork here: Design Your Ideal Cleveland Browns Dog Logo - Enter Now
Same link, starting Thursday, to cast your vote here: Design Your Ideal Cleveland Browns Dog Logo - Enter Now

In March, the Mastiff won the fan bracket on the breed of dog which best fit the Dawgs part of the Browns branding. You'd assume the design the team comes up with to compete against the fan chosen one will be in line with that.

It looks like the Cleveland Browns could soon have a new dog logo. The current logo of the dog is one of the Browns alternate logos. A new one would be an update to the current one.

The following information was released by the organization:

The Cleveland Browns are seeking input from Browns fans and are asking them to submit artwork that can potentially be considered the team’s new dog logo.

As part of the exciting collaboration, fans will first be asked to submit their design via, then share their work on their own social channels to help promote. Starting Thursday, fans can cast their vote on their favorite artwork only through, where they will be prompted to enter an email address to proceed.

Voting is tailored to one entry per email address. From the fan logos entered in the contest, the Browns will select and post the logos that fans can vote on. The artist who receives the highest number of votes will be placed with a mix of three additional local designs for the final round of voting, which will open May 10 and close in early June.

Last month, the team launched a March Madness-style bracket, where fans voted in one-on-one matchups to decide what breed of dog best fits the “Browns Dawg,” which ultimately led to the Mastiff breed being chosen.

“We are fired up to see what ideas our fans come up with and the thought of their logo potentially being selected is a key element in our commitment to creating an amazing experience for our fanbase,” said Executive Vice President, Partner of Haslam Sports Group JW Johnson. “We are always looking for feedback from our fans to improve their experience so allowing them to serve as a centerpiece of this contest offers an opportunity to engage with each other in real-time and showcase their love for the team and beyond.”

Based on an NFL best practice from last year’s “Brownie The Elf” Field Design Vote with over 80K entries in just the first several days, the Browns will once again lean on the most enthusiastic and loyal fanbase in the Land to identify the future of the ‘Dawg.’
I'd take darn near anything to replace the helmet "logo". It's so "yay sports / yay football".

They are clearly putting it all on us the fans though. Fans voted the Mastiff, and now fans will vote the logo. Smart.
One thing I like about the angry elf on the 50 yard line last year. When a Browns hater made fun of it, I responded with it won the fan vote. That shut them up.

Of course last year in the middle of the Watson stuff, the Browns couldn't have cured cancer without getting critisized for it.

So, when people tried to pile on the Browns about the elf, I was happy it was a fan voted result.

And the current cartoon dawg has always sucked.

And I don't like being logo-less, so I personally am good with the dog.

Heck, I'd even take that block of stripes thing as a logo, over the helmet logo.

I was really hoping we put the stupid dog logos to bed. But it doesn't look to be the case. I have never seen a single decent dog logo from any fan on any media platform. They have all been absolute garbage or looked like a trailer trash version of a logo.

For the record, I DO NOT WANT a dumb dog logo. We are not the dawgs and the dawg pound doesn't warrant the team using a dog logo. It's just ridiculous. Stick with the Elf.

That having been said, if they absolutely insist on this garbage, then at least do something normal and not trashy. As much as I hate UGA, their logo is tolerable. We should do something similar and call it a day. We can tweak it to make it more ours, but at least it's not completely embarrassing like whatever they pick will be.


For the
As much as I'd like darn near anything as a primary logo rather than the we're-not-even-gonna-try helmet logo, I don't think any of us has read this new mastiff logo will be primary. So, like the current dog, it'll just be a secondary dealeo.

Still would like to mimic PSU, as I've said for years on this here transmission

BREAKING - the fan vote has gone live

BREAKING - the fan vote has gone live

I like the one by @jbanton the best... the rest sucked...
I like the one by @jbanton the best... the rest sucked...

Not a Mastiff though, right? Don't know if that'll matter in the end. Mastiff won the breed fan bracket thing last month.
BTW, at one point when I pulled up the site, it had yours as "Rank #1", but then the ranking went away. Shrug.gif

(nvm .. seems to be okay now -> Hey Gabe, are we have a photo uploading issue? Did it normally a little bit ago but now not working)
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