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NFL Draft Pick #140, Dorian Thompson-Robinson, duel-threat QB, UCLA

The only reason Dobbs is the backup is we paid him and optimally having DTR watch and learn for a year allows him to develop a bit more.

Get him more inclined to stand tall in the pocket under pressure and fire on target seeds is a good thing but it takes time to get these kids out of the "just run when everyone looks covered".
Yeah, and the Browns said they expected him to be selected on Friday, so when he was available on Saturday, they had to take him. And now, he looks good. None of this was known when Dobbs was signed to return.

Here's what I don't get. I understand you get to dress 3 QB's on gameday, but now does that relate to the 53-man. In other words, to have 3 QB's dress on gameday, do you have to have 3 on the 53-man?

I guess it doesn't really matter, as for us, we're gonna have to keep 3, and then Mond on the PS. Dobbs has been paid, and DTR now has zero chance to make it through wavers and get back to us. Mond has a chance to clear, and if he doesn't, who cares. The only real advantage he has vs a guy like him is he's been with us all year.
No, it doesn’t really mean anything, but hey, I’d still rather have our guy at the top. It's a small sample size, it's preseson, etc.

One thing I’ve never understood is “yeah but it’s against the 3rd stringers”. If it was easy, all QB3’s would light it up in preseason. But, they don’t. Having said that, it doesn’t mean DTR is QB1 material right now either.

Here’re the rookie QB grades thus far. About half of them have 20-30 passing snaps, including DTR. Only DTR has done it for two games, not just one. Again, small sample size, but at least it's some preseason fun.



These are old fashion rules, but DTR qualifies in all categories. Parcells' point is he doesn't like 1-year wonders.

Here are the Bill Parcells rules for drafting a quarterback:
  • Be a three-year starter - CHECK
  • Be a senior in college - CHECK
  • Graduate from college - CHECK
  • Start 30+ games - CHECK
  • Win 23+ games - CHECK
  • Post a 2-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio - CHECK
  • Complete at least 60% of passes thrown - CHECK
70% completion rate in his final year, as well at 600+ rushing yards and 12 rushing TD's, in addition to his 27 passing TD's.

Scoring 39 TD's in one season is insane. That's 3 per game by him alone.

As has been mentioned, he ran the Chip Kelly system, which is far away from the 2-dozen word play calls from Ivy League Kev. BUT, and we've all noticed it, he's comfortable. The plays are smooth and on time. He's sure of himself.

I'd say none of us "like" Mond, and some of us were pretty happy with the Dobbs signing. DTR is the guy nobody saw coming to possibly be QB2 (although I bet he stays at QB3).
Do we trade him right now for a 2nd?
You Got Me Nbc GIF by America's Got Talent
Do we trade him right now for a 2nd?
You Got Me Nbc GIF by America's Got Talent's Got Talent
No. We want him to be Watson's shadow. (unless Watson is headed out for a massage) We need him ready to stand in for Watson at the drop of a hat. We want him to hold for the extra points. We want to put him in for a gadget play every once in a while. He looks like the ideal backup on a rookie contract to me.
Typically no team wants a rookie that isn't a high draft pick as their immediate back up to the starter. But if DTR keeps this up CLE might very well end up having to keep 3 QBs on the roster cause the way DTR is playing he won't make it to practice squad
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