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What's up with this section?

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What's up with this section?

I thought I would just try this out, maybe I'll change my mind or it's not a good idea ...but just an idea that came to mind while I was researching some draft prospects.

What I would like to see here is this ... topics named after the prospect you are posting information about, and there will be no other types of topics in this section. Each thread posted should be named for example : Robert Griffin III ...if you don't post the proper name or go outside of these guidelines it will be edited. In each thread I would ask that you post neat, organized, detailed, comprehensive information about each prospect in the original post, hopefully along with video ...if anyone has more information that they have gathered or any differing information from "experts" the owner of thread or an admin will add this information to the OP. (we would prefer the owner of the thread to take this on) Thoughts & opinions are fine posted after the OP, although we will still undoubtedly be talking about this stuff in the main Browns section.

Please feel free to gather scouting reports on the guys we may be targeting in free agency as well.

This will be a great source of information as we get closer to FA & the draft hopefully, and if this has any success we'll do it every year.

I'll start it off with a scouting report on my current favorite player for the Browns in the draft. :)


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Great idea, was thinking of starting a thread along these lines taking a look specifically at RG3. Any attempt to actually take a look at the positives and negatives of the guy immediately devolves into a dick measuring contest with people throwing around opinions like there set in stone and comparisons that don't hold an ounce of legitimacy.


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Great job adding the section Gabe!

This is a fun time of year so I appreciate the videos and scouting reports you find.

I did a DE post a couple weeks ago showing videos and added cut and pastes of scouting reports on many of the top prospects. Maybe you can move that here so nobody duplicates the work while we can piggyback thoughts and opinions of others to it.
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