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BARKING HARD Member Introductions and Map... Please drop in and say hello!

*As of 3-27-2014

Being that we are ramping up activity a bit on the site again, and the quality of threads here has increased a thousand fold in the past few days ...I anticipate a steady trickle of new users coming on board. (you may have already noticed this happening) So, in the interest of new members getting to know old members, and having a thread in which they can test the waters without drowning ..I decided to create this thread. Old members ...please introduce yourselves, and new members please jump in and do the same. Let this be one of your first stops after you join Barking Hard, so we can get to know you.

Also, below you will find our members map. Please click "Add" in the upper right, and add your location on the map. It doesn't have to be a specific address, but this will give us an idea of where everyone is in the world. (just added recently so we need to play catch-up)

Here's my intro. :) This was originally posted back in 2010 or whenever we started this whole thing, so many things have changed.

Hi, I'm TBPP ...some people here prefer my real name, which is Gabe. I live in the sticks, in a dumpy little town known as North Lawrence, it's about 80 minutes south of Cleveland. (this is no longer true, I'm now living in paradise) Recently I had my first child, he's 19 months old now, and he's the reason I moved out here to the sticks. (he's now 5) Previously I lived in a variety of different suburbs of Cleveland, from Lakewood to Bay Village to Little Italy to ...well you get the idea, but I was there for over 10 years. I currently work in downtown Akron and often ponder breaking away from Ohio for good, a thought I've been having since I was around 16 years old. I freely admit it, I never quite had the balls to take off on my own, (other than once when I lived in Montreal for a year) simply because I never had a partner in crime that had the backbone to escape with me. (I finally did it!) I was born & bred in Canton, Ohio as a rabid Browns, Indians, Cavs, and Ohio State Buckeyes fan.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, I'm here to serve.


Warmest regards,

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Hi I'm OzDawg :)
born in elyria ohio, lived in orphanges for ages , grew up in cleveland.
at age 19 I joined the military as a crypto repair tech. learned more and 4 years later was hired by NATO to run the cryptology department at SHAPE( acronym for supreme headquarters allied powers europe...or as more fondly known .super holiday at public expense)

since then I've travelled the world alot.. lived in the US( a few states) germany, france, belgium, canada and for the last 7 years australia.

because of that I can't follow as much as people in the us.. even internet is diff here ( we pay by usage download/upload/time and fastest avail is adsl )
I've always been a Browns fan, and have met many many in all those countries.
I'm not a guru of any sorts but I do love the game and love the browns.. good or bad.. although I could use a winning season > :)
Danamal is my screen name and it was a nickname given to me by fellow musicians who considered my drumming style to be a bit aggressive so I adopted it and it has stuck for more years than I can remember.
Dan is my real name and I attended Collinwood high and grew up on the east side of Cleveland near Euclid Beach Park.
I was dating a girl who graduated from Villa Angela high school and she moved to Philadelphia and I left for the army and when my enlistment was up and she completed college we were married and still are after 23 years!
So now I live just northeast of downtown Philly and I'm old enough to remember only the Phipps years till now so theres been alot of heartbreak so I hope that before I'm carted off to the furnace my shithead team can bring home the gold!
As far as the internet I can't hold a candle to alot of the members on here when it comes down to the nitty gritty of breaking down the x's and 0's but it's my passion for this team and city that keeps me going so I add history and ball busting and the occasional insight but there are some damn fine football minds here to keep you up to date on all things Browns football.
This site was created so that knowledgeable fans could share there love and passion for the team without censorship,doesn't mean we don't bust balls because we do but it's our shared love of the team that holds it all together,so jump in and post often and give as good as you get but whatever you do,bring it hard,here at the home of the Browns best fans at BARKINGHARD.COM!
Hey fellas....

I'm Inspecta, or you can call me Sean, either or is fine.

Please don't be shy about jumping into our conversations, nobody is going to bite your head off or start sending you unwanted magazine subscriptions. We'd like to hear everybody's take on this passion of ours, this curse that is the Cleveland Browns.

I've been a Browns fan all my life. My old man was from Cleveland and was watching them since they started. So I never really had a choice in the matter......just like my sons (6,7). I'm passing it along to them as it was to me.
My name is Gabe, I'm 34 and I love football.
I REALLY love football.
Like eat, breath, sleep football.
I used to love only Browns football, but when the team moved I learned to appreciate a good game regardless of who was playing it.
I enjoy discussing football, but the return and serious mismanagement of this team since has left me a bit jaded.
Oh I still enjoy the games but the blind homerism isn't there like it once was. I try to call it like I see it and occasionally it rubs people the wrong way. It's not intentional.
Dawgfan here, my real name is John (as some know). I grew up in Berea and used to skip study halls to run over to the Baldwin Wallace practice field where the Browns used to train. I got to see all the guys from the late 70's and have been a total fan ever since (already was a fan, but this capped it).

I am a statistical nerd and love to get into the 'why' of the stats rather than just rely on raw numbers.

I am ex Army Intelligence (yeah, oxymoron) and when I got out I moved down to Florida. I currently live in West Palm Beach and am hoping to hit all 3 games down here this year.

I am 46, married, have 3 step kids and 2 granddaughters. I work in the medical field in compliance.

Hope to hear from more of you!!!
Regional Sales Manager - West
Engaged to a hottie
Born in Willoughby, just east of Cleveland (Lake County)
Lived there all my life
Moved to Vegas in 2005
Browns fan since I was born.

Statements like that demand a picture.....

Video Engineer for State government in PA
2 kids ages 15 and 4.....yeah we plan well.
Born in Tiffin OH, but grew up mostly in PA.
Hell I'm learning lots in this thread!!! :lmao:

old enough to remember, young enough to still try
Civil (highway) engineer (hence the screen name)
3 four-legged, furry kids
Born and raised in Cleveland (been a Browns fan since I was 8)
Moved to tidewater Virginia after college and have been here 15 years

Bowler, crafter, pirate princess, dominatrix

(okay that last one was a joke)
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