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Free Agency The salary cap thread

And we have the biggest rollover!

Whatever it is, we have a lot. I still expect Dorsey to be really choosy, aim for quality over quantity. I think both Dee Ford and Steven Nelson make sense. Probably a linebacker. Could be a quieter signing of a young OL for depth/development.

Heard we should definitely watch out for trades. Dorsey loves the value you get for trading picks so I'm watching that late 3rd and the 5ths.

Basically, everything we think we know will get blown out of the water by the time Dorsey acquires 5 or 6 key guys before the draft!
Back up to 2nd place. I'd like to see Tretter and Damarius extended first, then consider Scho.

Preferably before the new CBA, when things may balloon (shoulda waited, Zeke).

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">With <a href="">#Browns</a> 53 set, updated salary cap space via <a href="">@NFLPA</a> numbers is: $44,365,703. Only the <a href="">#Colts</a> have more room at $58,865,445</p>— Daryl Ruiter (@RuiterWrongFAN) <a href="">September 5, 2019</a></blockquote>
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There are some theories out there, after the new CBA, it may be very beneficial to have a rich owner. Player contract bonuses which won't count against the cap, type of stuff.

Anyone here still not like Unca Jimmy and Ms. Dee? You might have to get over that hump.
Official cap space post-opt outs

1. CLE: $40,468,180

2. NE: $33,431,135

3. WAS: $30,634,658

4. DEN: $29,541,191

5. NYJ: $29,266,652

6. TEN: $25,199,921

7. MIA: $24,650,560

8. BUF: $24,288,558

9. PHI: $23,749,246

10. DET: $22,933,007

11. IND: $22,256,027

12. NYG: $21,441,129

13. HOU: $21,137,877

14. CIN: $18,551,659

15. CHI: $17,220,760

16. JAX: $16,955,684

17. SEA: $14,497,295

18. LAC: $13,675,353

19. GB: $13,280,409

20. CAR: $13,177,619

21. KC: $13,003,035

22. SF: $12,529,886

23. MIN: $12,391,078

24. DAL: $9,903,486

25. NO: $7,821,902

26. ATL: $7,434,223

27. BAL: $6,955,167

28. ARI: $5,619,862

29. PIT: $4,488,656

30. LAR: $3,898,396

31. LV: $3,292,623

32. TB: $1,391,927
$54,767,641 is our “current” cap space if you add in releasing Hoop post-June1, and ridding ourselves of Baker’s money.

Also, it’s before Walker, Hubbard, and Brissett’s numbers are known (which won’t be huge).

AB will need $1,997,925 net cap space to sign all the rookies from this years draft.


You mean a team can just add voidable years and stretch out any potential cap hit??!!!

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