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Free Agency The salary cap thread

Eventually, like the Chiefs, we're going to lose talent. The question is whether Watson will be able to overcome it, like Mahomes. The Bengals are going to be great until they pay Joe Burrow the big bucks, as are the Bills. But the cap does matter, and the piper will have to be paid. Unfortunately, we traded the Watson pick to the Texans and didn't get to reap the benefit of a cheap franchise QB, so our chances to win big with Watson diminish over time.
Mahomes and Allan got paid. Though I wouldn't be surprised to see Mahomes with a new deal in a couple of years. Burrow will be tough because the price will be higher. But keep in mind the cap is going to grow. So what looks like a cap problem a few years from now with Watson's current contract it won't be at that time because of huge increases to the salary cap.
Mahomes and Allan got paid.

And the Chiefs had to part with Tyreek Hill, and soon the Bills will have to lose some talent too. But both the Chiefs and Bills were able to build really good teams to support a young stud QB on a rookie contract. I'm just saying we didn't get that part. We get Watson at 46 mil a season. It's not going to be easy to keep a good supporting cast around him. Yeah the caps going to go up, and EVERY player will want more of a piece of it.
At this time:

#Browns cap space sits at $8,963,016
That’s 20th in the league

The signings;
1) Tomlinson $4.3m
2) Thornhill $2.3m
3) Okoronkwo $2.2m
4) Pocic $2.1m
5) Akins $1.6m
6) Moore/Ford $1.5m
7) Green $1.4m
8) TakiTaki $1.2m
9,10,11) Kunaszyk/Hill/Adams $1.1m
12) Hurst $0.9m

• Rookies cost: - $1,186,237
June 2 savings
• JJ3 +$9.75m
• Clowney +$1.165m

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They could gain 2M by releasing/buyout TE Harrison Bryant. It makes sense now all the UDFA TE's they brought in last year along with Jesse James and our guy Pharaoh Brown.

For the money I just as well would keep Brown on the cheap. He's can play a bit.
I think he's very average, and seems to whiff on blocks too often. The decision makers seem to like him, so we'll see. I'd be fine with Pharoah Brown on the minimum.


Addendum: Shows you what I know. Looked up some grades. Has the best pass blocking grade on the team. 77.8, which is 15th in the league out of 80 ranked. The Chief is next on the roster at 18th. So, maybe they do keep him.

Looking at overall grades, while I'm at it, the Chief is our highest graded TE at 14th, just over TJ Hockenson, Kyle Pitts, Darren Waller and (well I'll be), Jordan Adkins. Pretty decent company.

Harrison Brant is at 63rd overall, but apparently, he blocks fairly well.
I really do not think we are in a position to add another FA without other big contracts being reduced and even if that did happen we'd be unable to do anything significant. I'd pass on D'Hop. The timing just isn't right and we could add a cheaper piece after camp if we wanted.

Save that 8 to 10 million for something else.
After today's release of Joel Haeg, we're up to 11th in the league in available cap space.
Haeg signing was confusing in the first place. We have million Haegses and Forbeses on the roster, so why pay him a couple of million.
60 mil over the cap next year will not be easy to fix.

If that is true then we should be done and use our 13 mil this year to put towards next year. And we can expect some contracts to be re-negotiated down or trades for rookie contract type of players in exchange for huge contracts.. there could be some guys cut due to their salary, IF a cheaper player can fill that spot and produce all the same.
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This also implies that the FO feels like they're all in for this season and expect a playoff run of some sort. I mean to be at the point where the salary cap essentially is maxed out to start the season save for one more player if something presents itself or in an emergency, we have one more move to make.
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