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The Offensive Line

An article quoting Mary Kay. Take it for what it's worth. What CLE does with his option will be more telling of what they think of his overall progress. He has been a decent NFL LT. But he hasn't lived up to expectations that come with where he was selected

He's been rather underwhelming to this point... But most guys regardless where they're drafted rarely meet draft expectation...
I'm really hoping Jack Conklin comes back ready to play healthy for the whole year. He's an All-Pro RT when he's healthy. Teller at RG and Pocic at Center are in the same boat. Just stay healthy.

Now about that LT...
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If Pocic can stay healthy this year, the OL should improve organically.

Both of the OL picks in the draft should provide depth this year...and both can be future starters. I would love for Wypler to be good enough to surpass Harris on the depth chart. That midget gets tossed around like rag doll vs any decent DT.
Pocic is a mountain compared to the other two, especially Harris.

Our o-line group is very well built.
The starting 5 consist of 3 probowlers, a 1st rounder, and a top-5 center from last year.

And the depth of Hudson, Dunn, Jones, Forbes, and Wyler is something Callahan should do well with. Mix in some other serviceable veterans too, like Gosset etc.

Callahan and Stefanski have no excuses on this front.
Do you think Wills might be traded?
Nothing would surprise me at this point.. But like Masters pointed out.. I don't think Dawand Jones is ready to start day one like a JT or an Anthony Munoz Elite type... Those guys don't grow on trees... Myself.. as much as I'm disappointed in Wills.. I think a lot is up to him and whatever attitude he chooses to have... That's a big part of it... Maybe some competition lights a fire under his ass.. That being if he even wants to be here... We'll just see how that plays out...
Do you think Wills might be traded?
Based on CLE picking up his 5th year option I expect him to be CLE LT through the 2024 season.

If his is as bad as some fans make him out to be he would not have any trade value, especially with the guaranteed 5th year price. It would also mean the FO is incompetent by picking it up. Reality is that Wills is a starting caliber LT in the NFL, and CLE clearly thinks so by picking up that option. But I'd expect they are looking to replace him beyond 2024
I don't equate the FO picking up his rookie option. It's more of a case of we have nobody to replace him with that we can afford. At least to me it seems like that. And as much as we don't like seeing him look lost, or getting beat out there he's overall an ok LT. He's just not what we expected to get with the 10th pick of the draft. His level of play seems closer to a late first or second round pick.

Like Njoku.
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