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The Offensive Line

Most 53-man projections are
  • Jedrick Wills Jr.
  • Joel Bitonio
  • Ethan Pocic
  • Wyatt Teller
  • Jack Conklin
  • James Hudson
  • Dawand Jones
  • Luke Wypler
  • Michael Dunn
Wills grades slightly better than average and is one of 12 first rounders in his class to get the 5th year option picked up. He would have been considered a great draft pick, if selected in the 4th round or later. But, he's a top-10'er. So it's a meh.
I don't equate the FO picking up his rookie option. It's more of a case of we have nobody to replace him with that we can afford. At least to me it seems like that. And as much as we don't like seeing him look lost, or getting beat out there he's overall an ok LT. He's just not what we expected to get with the 10th pick of the draft. His level of play seems closer to a late first or second round pick.

Like Njoku.
I think we are similar here. The picking up of the option tells us CLE thinks he is at least starter quality, an at minimum middle of the road. At least better than what they think the could get for this year or next, at similar cost. Where he was picked doesn't matter anymore. To me, as long as you are getting guys who can start for many teams in the league it's a win. The exception is QB
^ I fully agree. I think this was a simple math equation regarding best value in the short term. $/benefit analysis. It comes with a small upside in that he might improve. There was no other beneficial play or move on the table "right now".

I am also pretty sure that DW probably needs less from a LT than some QB's and that there are on-the-field-in-real-time mayday words that mean "bail right, I lost it".
Love the Wypler stuff, although Harris is doing well too. Wypler took some guard reps vs the Commanders.
Nice to see a solid Wills rep. Seems like I only see bad ones, and not the good ones.


Here's the only thing I don't like about our O-line.

Conklin played LT in college, now RT in the pros.
Wills played RT in college, now LT in the pros.
Jones played RT in college, but now may the be best available LT option since Wills is the weak link
Bitonio is the best OT on the team, and plays guard
Conklin got hurt yesterday.

We're going to need somebody like Jones to fill in and be reasonably proficient due to Conklin missing games with injuries during the season.
I forget what this technique is called. "extend and pull" or some such. His combine record setting wingspan makes it perfect for him, and he used it at OSU all the time. Extends his arms, the edge will lean in, and then he yanks him down. Apparently a known and legal technique.

Good to hear Myles pasted their well respected LT, as we hear all the time he's pasting Wills at practice.
Although a top-10 selected OT should be an all-pro, at this time, I think we'd all be okay with somewhere between servicable and better-than-average for ol' Jed.

In the long run if he can play RT well then all we need is for Wills to be consistent against most opponents or get new LT in the draft next year.
Well unless they trade Wills he will be on the roster and the LT next year since they picked up his 5th year option which is guaranteed
I have a mental block for that last year for some reason. I keep thinking he's out after this year. Still if there is a legit potential starting LT available, I'd take a shot.
I have a mental block for that last year for some reason. I keep thinking he's out after this year. Still if there is a legit potential starting LT available, I'd take a shot.
In your defense they didn't pick up his 5th year option until earlier this year. There was always a chance that they wouldn't.

Agree they certainly could still draft a guy with an eye on him redshirting 2024 and moving in tot he spot in 2025. And who knows maybe someone would be willing to trade for Wills of he was available.
So, as we sit here at the moment in preseason...

Dawand Jones and Luke Wypler remain in the top 5, out of 50 rookies, thus far.

But get this ... Tyrone Wheatly, for the entire NFL (that's 238 o-lineman, with a 20% snap minimum) is ranked 4th overall, and 2nd in run blocking with a 95.6. He's taken 100 snaps, which only 20 others, again out of the 238, have done. Good sample size.

I'm not gonna say we're loaded at OL, or that PFF is the end-all-be-all, but we appear to be in decent shape.

BTW, Jones took some left tackle reps yesterday.

Wheatly, Jones, and even Hudson having a very good preseason. Jed, is likely gone after this year. No way he takes a jump to warrant a fat new contract. Personally, I think he should move to guard, or back to RT, where he's played since 7th grade.


Meanwhile, after Josh Allen running for his life vs the Steelers, in Bills country...

Hard pass on that 3rd rounder. 😆
What a joke. He may be mildly priceless at this point. I'm not sure I'd give up a 2nd for him, and maybe not even a first. Only reason the 1st would be tempting, is it'd fill the hole we have for the 2024 draft.

But, there's no way the Bills would offer a first rounder for a player with a pile of good preseason snaps.

So, it's just a no-go for a lot of reasons.


BTW, Harris and Dunn have graded very well this preseason too. We have some decisions to make. No doubt other teams are going to be watching our cuts.
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